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An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest - Benjamin Franklin

Non-strategic investing can feel like driving down a windy road at night.  You are unsure of where you are and what lies ahead, and you have a sense of insecurity. Strategic investing, on the other hand - or what we refer to as investing intellligently - can remove that uncertainty and fear and clear a path toward financial security.

Investing intelligently does not mean seeking the very highest returns every 3-month, 6-month or even 1-year period.  That is not possible and attempting to do so will cause unnecessary stress and most likely end in financial disaster.  Investing intelligently means knowing how to optimize income and returns given your unique goals, time horizon, current asset base, liquidity needs, tax sensitivity and risk tolerance, while seeking to protect the wealth you have already accumulated. path toward financial success It means investing in a specific way that will allow you to obtain the future you envision, one that will be upon us quicker than we think.  Just as our children and grandchildren seem to grow up so quickly, our financial futures will be upon us before we know it.  That is why it is important to start investing now.

Below we've provided ten key points that make up our investment philosophy.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of what we find important, but rather it is intended to help you understand us and understand investing a little more.  All of these points are taken under our overarching theme of always thinking long term - all investment decisions are based on the long-term impact of the investment on the overall portfolio.  When we design client portfolios we not only utilize our significant investing experience and education, but we also use the most robust and detailed software available to confirm the portfolios are designed to maximize income and returns given the client's unique circumstances.

  1. Asset Allocation - allocation of money to fixed income, equities, real estate, etc. must always be tailored to your current "Circumstances".   An appropriate allocation that matches your Circumstances  will help you obtain the income and returns needed to reach your goals while limiting volatility so you can sleep at night.
  2. Reduce Downside Risk - Warren Buffett has said rule #1 of investing is never lose money and rule #2 is never forget rule #1.  In other words, understand the importance of reducing downside risk while still capturing income and returns available in the markets.  We define risk as the probability of losing money over a given timeframe.
  3. Diversification - diversify within asset classes to further lower risk and increase returns.  
  4. Long-Term Investment Philosphy - develop a thorough, long-term investment philosophy and consistently follow it.
  5. Know When to Buy and Sell - finding high quality investments is only the first step, looking for opportune times to buy/sell is just as important.
  6. Prepare a Financial Plan - prepare and periodically update a financial plan because without a good plan, good intentions will fall short.
  7. Avoid Emotional Decisions - take extra precaution to avoid mistakes when emotions run high.  It is well established that the reason individual investor's returns often lag markets is because of poor investor behavior stemming from emotional decisions.  
  8. Invest, Don't Speculate - speculating is hoping a security will go up in value when there is insufficient evidence to support that notion.  Investing intelligently is utilizing evidence, data and logic to inform and support investment decisions.
  9. Be Careful of Financial Salespeople - financial salespeople are out to make a sale and earn the commissions therefrom.  This creates an inherent conflict of interest and, sometimes, a lack of interest in the financial success of the investor.
  10. Taxes and Costs Matter - remember that your returns and income after taxes and costs is what matters.


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